REWIN Presents the new suit AIR IMPACT, which incorporates a new protection system Air Bag for motorcycle use on track, able to cover and thus protect all those parts of the body of fundamental importance in an ergonomic and intelligent.
Total ERGONOMICS among body Air Bag and coveralls.
The first air bag protection device that limits the damage in many parts of the body in the event of impact
and falls , equipped with one unit ‘which offers an activation’ expansion that can cover the areas to be
protected much more above normal.

What we protect:
• the Back (always combined with the use of the back Protector)
• Neck behind and backward bending (AIR IMPACT system which is activated with his strength to raise the aerodynamic hump up to cover the neck and get to the helmet)
• Neck side, with the activation of the system the helmet rests on the airbag thus avoiding ‘a lateral deflection and the inclination of the head, reducing the movements during rolling.
• Reduction of cervical compression in the case of vertical impact on the helmet that instead of supporting the cervical rests on the shoulders, between the air bag positioned between the shoulders and helmet.
• Considerable reduction of the impact force transmitted during the accidents.
• Clavicles, sternum and chest.
• Abdominal organs.
• Hips in the upper part of the femoral head.

Volume of protection: 18 liters
No fault in the case of electromagnetic interference.
Generator Gas Co2.
Opening time 45 ms indicative
Battery life: 400 hours.
Activation ensured even at low speed, in cases of accidents seemingly trivial, but often fatal.

Rewin AIR IMPACT consists of a unit of Air Bag constructed and set inside the suit and a mechanical component fixed on the handlebar of the bike they are linked by a magnet, once you turn the device means a light switch , and the pilot is thrown from the bike ,the system is activated ,swelling in less than 45 MS , after 10 seconds, the device is deflated allowing the rider to restart.

In case of falls without damage to the device , it replaces the Gas Generator , while falling are important must replacing the entire device inside the suit.
Rewin air impact System provides additional protection compared to normal leather suits, only in the event of it is included an activation of the air bag, and parts of the body are covered by such protection as described.

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